Cycling and MTB tours


This tour is perfect for all those who would like to experience the awe-inspiring landscapes of Blidinje Nature Park and learn about its rich history, all the while combining it with the adventurous element of cycling. Upon arrival to Blidinje, you shall meet our licensed cycling guide, who is also a licensed tour guide for the area of Blidinje Nature Park. 

Before starting the tour itself, you shall receive your bicycles and equipment, as well as information and instructions from the guide. The route you’ll be taking is approximately 30 km long, 60% of which is off road, and the rest is asphalt road. The route itself will take you through some of the most interesting locations of the Park itself. 

Some of the locations you’ll visit include Masna Luka (home to an interesting church complex, and is famous for its fresh water springs and is a habitat to the endemic Bosnian pine), Blidinje lake (from which our Nature Park got its name) and stećak necropolis in Dugo Polje (stećak is the name of a unique kind of medieval tombstone typical of this area, and this location is a UNESCO site). 

During the tour itself, your guide will make sure to make ample breaks in order to give you time to rest and enjoy the landscapes, as well as explain to you the intricacies of this area’s history. 

After approximately 4 hours of riding, you return to the starting location to finish the tour. Upon returning the equipment, you will say farewell to your guide thus concluding the programme.

Price: from 75 KM/pax – cca 38.5 €/pax

Price includes: specialized cycling tour guide for the duration of the programme, bicycle and equipment for the duration of the programme, refreshment pack (water, fruit, cookie) 

Price does not include:  Food and drinks other than refreshment packet, transfer to and from Blidinje NP, accident insurance (additional 1.5 KM/0.80 € per person).

NOTES: Price is based on a 5 person minimum, the tour can be done for smaller groups at a different price. Tour is intended for people of all fitness levels. 


Information for guests / reservations

  • Reservations can be made via the official number for reservations or the official e-mail address
  • If the interested client wishes to pay by bank transfer, the id number needs to be sent to our e-mail address and 30% of the total amount of the offer needs to be paid in advance no later than 7 days before arrival, for the client’s reservation to be considered valid.
  • Based on the last confirmation of reservation, 48h earlier, this is considered to be the final number of people in the group, based on which the final
    calculation is made. Visit blidinje is not responsible for a possible arrival of fewer people; the price is paid for the number of people confirmed at the last
    reservation. Should more people arrive, calcuation is made based on that number and the number of issued menues.
  • The driver i.E. The drivers of the group have a right to free services from the offer, while the consumed drinks are paid for afterwards.
  • Additional activities and drinks are always paid afterwards, based on consumption.
  • All reservations need to be made at least 7 days in advance.