Advice for tourists

What to wear?

Given the fact that Blidinje Nature Park is located at 1200 metres above sea level, the weather is frequently unpredictable. It is thus possible that temperatures are quite low, even in the midst of the summer. Given these facts, we advise you to bring adequate clothes for colder weather in addition to your seasonal clothes.

The mountain weather can also be very fickle and mostly rainy and cold in autumn and spring, so that long-sleeve clothes and water-proof shoes are necessary indeed. 

The winter weather in Blidinje can be extreme and temperatures mostly do not rise above zero, accompanied by strong gusts of wind and large quantities of snowfall. As a result, you should have adequate clothes and shoes for such weather.


Ski equipment rental

There are several ski equipment rental stores in the immediate vicinity of the ski resort. The equipment is available throughout the working hours, and it is possible to rent the whole ski package, from ski boots and skis, over ski rods and helmets, to sleighs and snowboards. All pieces of equipment can be rented for a longer period of time, depending on your stay in Blidinje.


Ski ticket purchase  

Ski tickets can be purchased at the ski centre itself throughout the day. There are half-day, daily and single tickets, as well as seasonal ski tickets. All tickets are divided into two categories, adult and childrens tickets.


Parking at Blidinje Nature Park

All restaurants, cafés, hotels and the ski resort at Blidinje Nature Park dispose of parking lotsNo fees are charged for the mentioned parking lots. There is no public or any other type of parking under video surveillance in case of which a fee is charged.


Prohibitions at Blidinje Nature Park 

Unauthorised lighting of a fire, illegal waste disposal, hunting, fishing or any kind of abuse of any natural resources for any illicit purpose are strictly prohibited in Blidinje Nature Park.

How to reach the destination?

Access roads :

  • From Posušje through Rakitno; 
  • From Tomislavgrad through Lipa; 
  • From Mostar through Jablanica, Doljani; 
  • From Mostar through Goranci and Rosne poljane; 
  • From Rama through Orašac and Kedžara; 
  • From Široki Brijeg through Posušje or through Izbično, Rakitno or through Ladina and Rosne poljane.

Service information & state of the roads

Roads leading through Rakitno, Lipa and Doljani are cleaned in the winter. For daily information regarding the state of access roads to the park, quantity of snow and working hours of the ski centre, follow our official Facebook and Instagram pages or contact us using the mentioned contact phones.

Emergency phone numbers

Information centre 121
Police 122
Fire 123
Ambulance 124
Roadside assistance HAK BIH 1288
Automobil club BIHAMK 1282
Herzegovina mountain rescue service +387 63 00 11 22