Winter fun at the heart of Herzegovina, at a height of 1200 metres above sea level, gives one an extraordinary experience of winter idyll, no matter whether one decides to ski, sledge, snow board or engage in any other activity. Wonderful pristine nature, snow-clad mountains, cleanliness and whiteness that take one’s breath away, at a distance of only an hour and a half drive from the sea, will take you to a fully different world, where you will forget about everything else and indulge in true pleasure with various entertainment programmes and activities that we are organising for you at our park during this period.


Saint Valentine‘s Day at Blidinje Nature Park

The most romantic day of the year, completed by the Winter idyll in Blidinje, whether you decide to choose a one-day visit or multiple-day stay in this wonderful pearl of nature, it will leave your loved one breathless and you will make some of the most beautiful joint memories. The romantic atmosphere at the restaurants of our park will make your stay a special experience and will create memorable moments while you are enjoying our domestic gastronomic specialties and top-notch wines from the whole region.


Even the very end of the winter has a certain charm, and if you are not a fan of the masses and cold, then this is an ideal month for your winter vacation.


April in Blidinje is slowly saying goodbye to the winter that is leaving, and announcing early spring. Although our unpredictable mountains cannot ever rein their fickleness, they tend to frequently surprise us in this month with some snow days, but in April we already start enjoying the sun and spring a bit, after a long and cold winter.


Labour Day

Mountaineering, bicycling, picknicking or any other activity you chose to engage in at our park will make this holiday a memorable experience that you will wish to repeat as soon as possible. With the arrival of real spring in this untouched pearl of nature, it is possible to engage in an increasing number of activities in synergy with nature, which has a positive impact on your body. Whether you decide to come alone, as a couple, with friends or with your family, Blidinje Nature Park is an ideal choice for you.


Saint Anthony Day 

Saint Anthony is one of the favourite saints in Herzegovina and a chapel was built to honour his figure and work at our park. The statue of Saint Anthony in this area dates back to ancient time, and he is known as a patron of various travellers, shepards and popular Herzegovinian tobacco merchants that carried a heavy burden and undertook long travels in order to support their families. A mass is celebrated at the Chapel of Saint Anthony in Blidinje on June 13, on this saint’s day and it is attended by a large number of believers.


Indoor football tournament in Blidinje

The first real social events after a long winter start at our park in the second half of June. One of them is also the indoor football tournament Risovac. All fans of good football, fun time and friendly company are invited to register for the tournament and to experience a different experience compared to a large number of similar events throughout the region. The tournament lasts for two days, with various teams competing for attractive awards, and the get together continues until late at night.


Mass in the honour of Diva Grabovčeva 

Every year, on the first Sunday following Saint Peter‘s Day, a holy mass is celebrated to honour Diva Grabovčeva. The venue is Kedžari, a place at our park surrounded by thick pine wood of Vran mountain. By celebrating Diva‘s courage, purity, virginity and Catholicism, tens of thousands of people come to her grave every year on this day – four centuries later, in order to pay respect to the same moral values that have been respected since antiquity in this region. Divina‘s courage has remained one of the brightest stars guiding the life in this region, and the past centuries have not diminished its importance and value.


Hiker gathering in Masna Luka

The mountain idyll in Masna Luka is an ideal location for one of the largest gatherings of hikers in the region. The occasion for this traditional gathering is unfortunately the commemoration of the anniversary of death of a hiker from Kaštel – Ivica Plazonić, who died suddenly on Čvrsnica mountain. The commemoration gathering was initiated by the mountaineering club Malačka from Kaštel, and HPD Pločno from Posušje soon started participating in the organisation. As a result of their engagement, this event soon became a respectable regional gathering of hikers. Hikers, nature lovers and rekreativci throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region come to Blidinje in order to enjoy various organised mountain tours and conquest various mountain peaks offered by our park. Friendly socialising, enjoying a campfire, old sports competitions, a rich lunch together, attendance of the holy mass in Masna Luka are only some of the reasons why you should visit the gathering of hikers at our park, which is traditionally held on the second weekend in July.


Our Lady of Snow

The Day of Our Lady of Snow is celebrated every year on August 5. This day is particularly celebrated in Barzonja near Blidinje Lake at our park. A church whose patron saint is Our Lady of Snow was built there. This beautiful church with artistic mosaics and a high bell tower was built in 1995, and it was opened and blessed on August 5 of the same year.

The mass traditionally starts at noon, and the holy mass is always followed by a get-together of all believers present.

This holiday has always aroused interest of many persons, both believers and weather forecasters, which is the reason why a holiday with such a wintry name is held during the hottest period of the summer. The name Our Lady of Snow originates from a legend according to which it started snowing in Rome in the middle of summer, on August 5, and according to local priests – it started snowing in Blidinje specifically on one of the days of Our Lady of Snow.

Čvrsnica Ultra Trail

A mountain race that will take you to Čvrsnica and Vran mountain, the ”holy” mountains of Herzegovina, infused with history, engraved both by nature and human hand, is held in the second half of August. During this race, you will pass the natural phenomenon, Hajdučka vrata arch on Čvrsnica mountain, but also the necropolis of stećci at the foot of Vran mountain. The highest peaks of these mountains, Pločno (2228 m above sea level), Veliki Vran ( 2074 m above sea level) and Veliki Vilinac ( 2118 m above sea level) will make you pass these Herzegovinian mountain giants with respect.


International Memorial Off-Road Rally Vinko Vukoja Lastvić

One of the best known and most visited off road races at Blidinje Nature Park, and it is called ”International Memorial Off-Road Rally Vinko Vukoja Lastvić”. Off-road races have been held in Blidinje since 2003, which makes our park staff some of the longest and most experienced hosts of races of this type in the whole region. The race was named after the tragically deceased Vinko Vukoje Lastvić, one of the first founders of this type of sport in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

The race has been attended by an increasing number of visitors and participants from year to year and we assert with confidence that it ranks among the best organised races of this type both in the country and the region. The high rank among other clubs has brought great respect both to the club Herceg ProTeam, which is the main organiser of this event, and all its members, so that it has become prestigious to be part of this race, both in terms of organisation and competition. 

More than 200 teams throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, from all Balkan countries, the region and Western Europe compete for valuable awards in five categories: HARD, SOFT, TOURIST, QUAD and MOTOCROSS.


Autumn in Blidinje Nature Park

After the summer feeling in Blidinje, the mountain slowly starts changing its landscape in autumn colours. This time of the year in our park creates a special atmosphere in nature and makes this one of the best periods for vacation and recreation. Should you decide to visit Blidinje in the autumn, you will certainly not regret it, because this type of vacation will suit you best after hot summer days and activities.


”Tell a big lie and get away with it” event

A unique competition of honest persons in telling lies is the only event of this type worldwide. It is held in Hajdučka Republika Mijata Tomića in the first half of November of every year. The event dates back to the year 2003, and it is held in compliance with specific guidelines, the most interesting being the one that politicians are prohibited from participating, since they are professional liers, and this is an amateur event. Merry laughter, lots of fun, a rich entertainment programme with tamburica players and valuable lottery are only some of the reasons why you should visit this event held at the restaurant Hajdučke Vrleti.


Winter town in Blidinje 

The start of the true winter season in our park also brings various new activities appropriate for this time of the year. At the beginning of December in Blidinje, you can enjoy a true holiday idyll next to the restaurant Hajdučke Vrleti. With a thematically arranged space, mulled wine, appropriate food offer and snow-clad landscape, you will certainly create some of the most beautiful winter memories. Gifts for the youngest ones, various thematic programmes and other activities will complete your stay in Blidinje Nature Park in December.


Opening of the winter tourist season 

Since our park is best known for its winter season, it deserves a top-notch start. One of the most visited periods of the year in Blidinje starts with various activities such as free four-seater, an interesting childrens programme, gift packages, a get-together with mascots, a relevant music programme and much more. This event is an excellent introduction to the winter season that brings a lot of fun and various interesting events over the coming months.


New Year‘s Eve in Blidinje 

One of the best known evenings in our park is certainly the New Year’s Eve party, which is called the craziest night of the year by many. In Blidinje, this year is particularly charming, because there is no better start of a new year than the one that takes place in the winter ambience and with numerous entertainment events at our restaurants and motels. The most beautiful and special New Year’s eves truly start in Blidinje Nature Park. Come and see for yourself!