First branded reusable waste bag: The Blidinje bag

A unique reusable waste bag was presented within the ecological campaign “Nature doesn’t know waste”.

Raising awareness on the importance of nature and environment protection has been in the focus of this ecological campaign.

As an attractive tourist destination, we would like to emphasize the significance of environment protection in protected areas, as well as anywhere else.

The waste bag is currently available to tourists free of charge but it is going to be sold in the future and the income generated from the sales is going to be used for eco-projects in Blidinje area.

“Tourists (hikers/mountaineers) are not only encouraged to take their own garbage with them, but to collect and take away any garbage they encounter in nature”, said Eike Otto, an expert for tourism development working on the project.

“Anyone who buys the bag is obliged to prevent reckless garbage disposal”, added Otto.

Introducing green standards for all actors who contribute to the sustainable development of Blidinje nature park and Herzegovina can be a good example for other destinations in BiH.