Guided tours of Blidinje NP


1. Guided tour of Blidinje Nature Park

Lake Blidinje – Masna Luka – Dugo Polje – Kedžara – Ski center

Blidinje Nature Park is home to a number of significant locations of natural and cultural heritage, as well as a place with an abundance of interesting stories and legends. By spending approximately 2 h touring the most interesting and important points in our Nature Park, you will have a chance to learn much about the intriguing history of this area. 

The first of these significant points, which also serves as a meeting point with your guide, is the lake Blidinje itself – the lake that give our whole Nature Park its name. The guide will make sure to familiarize you not only with the facts about this lakes, but also the stories and legends connected to its very creation. Afterwards, we go to Masna Luka, to visit the church and monastery of st. Elijah the Thunderer, where we can visit two interesting art galleries as well. Masna Luka is also well known for its fresh water springs, the most well known of those being a spring called Jasle which we will visit, as well as being one of the largest habitats of the endemic Bosnian pine. Our following point of interest takes us a little further back in time – a necropolis of stećak monuments (medieval tombstones typical of this area), located in Dugo Polje, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2016. It represents a perfect spot to learn the story of these silent witnesses of the lost medieval history of these lands. After that, we go and visit the grave site of one Diva Grabovčeva, located on Kedžara. 

Diva Grabovčeva, a young girl who was brutally killed in the late 17th century for refusing to marry a local bey (feudal lord), to this date remains a symbol of resistance towards injustice and occupation. Her story is fascinating, and your guide will make sure to elaborate on it. Finally, we visit Ski Center Risovac, a ski center built on the slopes of mountain Čvrsnica. It’s considered the centrepiece of the local winter tourism offer, and is also considered to be the first real tourist attraction in Blidinje area. Here we’ll have a chance to learn more about the work done in the Ski Center and its significance for the local population, but also enjoy the view of the surrounding area.

This is also where we finish our tour and your guide says farewell, leaving you to enjoy the charms of this magical landscape.

Price of tour: 100 KM/51.5 € total

Price includes: tour guide for Nature Park Blidinje area for the duration of tour

Price does not include: transportation, food and drinks, insurance, other services


2. Extended tour of Blidinje Nature Park

Guided tour of Blidinje NP – Vidikovac – Barzonja – Early Christian church – Blidinje house – cave of rebel Mijat Tomić – St. Anthony chapel – Muvarnica

By choosing this programme, you will have a chance through a half-day excursion to visit and learn about some of the most famous, but also some of the less familiar, locations and stories connected to Blidinje Nature Park. Aside from the locations described in the programme of the shorter tour, you will have a chance  to visit several smaller churches in the Blidinje area, learn about the story and legend of the rebel Mijat Tomić, enjoy a panorama of the entire Nature Park from the Vidikovac site, learn about traditional Blidinje houses, and relax in the fresh air of the forest park Muvarnica.

Price: 150 KM/77 € total

Price includes: tour guide for Nature Park Blidinje area for the duration of tour

Price does not include: transportation, food and drinks, other services


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