Čvrsnica & Vran – Herzegovina's mountain giants

Čvrsnica, with its highest peak Pločno – 2228 metres above sea level, is the highest mountain in the Central Dinarides. Čvrsnica massif, which has two mountain ridges, four plateaus and five other peaks exceeding 2000 metres above sea level, is protected as part of Blidinje Nature Park, and its special natural phenomenon – the arch Hajdučka vrata, has been protected as a nature monument since 1985. A mountain that takes away one’s breath, wild and powerful, of a surreal beauty, attracts a large number of excursionists and mountaineers during all seasons of the year, and, take our word for it, it leaves an impression on every visitor.  

Vran – another of Herzegovina’s ”sacred” mountains, constitutes the backbone of Blidinje Nature Park. Laden with history, engraved both by nature and man, with its highest peak at 2074 metres above sea level (Veliki Vran), it is also one of Herzegovina’s mountain giants, and its beauty and peculiarity will make you cross its valleys and plateaus with respect.