Mountain tours

  1. Vitlenica – Veliki Vilinac
    Duration: around 3.5 hours,ascent: 650 m 
  2. Vitlenica – Hajdučka Vrata
    Duration: around 3.5 hours,ascent: 550 m 
  3. Zelenike – Mali Vilinac – Veliki Vilinac
    Duration: around 4.5 hours,ascent: 950 m 
  4. SkiCentre– Mali Vilinac – Veliki Vilinac
    Duration: around 4 hours, ascent: 900 m 
  5. Masna Luka – Veliki Vilinac
    Duration: around 4.5 hours,ascent: 950 m 
  6. Masna Luka – Pločno
    Duration: around 4 hours,ascent: 1.050 m 
  7. Masna Luka – Boričevac – Pločno
    Duration: around 4.5 hours,ascent:1.100 m 
  8. Boričevac – Pločno
    Duration: around 4 hours,ascent: 1.050 m 
  9. Grkuš – Jelinak – Pločno
    Duration: around 5.5 hours,ascent: 1150 m 
  10. Grkuš – Jelinak
    Duration: around 2 hours,ascent: 550 m 
  11. Hajdučke Vrleti – Veliki Vran
    Duration: around 3.5 hours,ascent: 850 m 
  12. Masna Luka – Boričevac – Vrata – Masna Luka /an easy walk
    Duration: around 2.5 hours, length of the route: 6 km 


  • A guide is obligatory for all tours. A guide guides up to 12 people at most.    
  • The price for a guide amounts to 110.00 KM. 
  • Mountain tours up to 700 m are considered as moderately difficult, whereas those exceeding 700 m are classified as difficult.    
  • All users of our packages and mountain routes are hiking at their own responsibility and risk.    
  • A lunch package is not included in the price. It may be optionally negotiated. 
  • The price of the lunch package amounts to 10.00 KM/ 1 package. 


Information for guests / reservations

  • Reservations can be made via the official number for reservations or the official e-mail address
  • If the interested client wishes to pay by bank transfer, the id number needs to be sent to our e-mail address and 30% of the total amount of the offer needs to be paid in advance no later than 7 days before arrival, for the client’s reservation to be considered valid.
  • Based on the last confirmation of reservation, 48h earlier, this is considered to be the final number of people in the group, based on which the final
    calculation is made. Visit blidinje is not responsible for a possible arrival of fewer people; the price is paid for the number of people confirmed at the last
    reservation. Should more people arrive, calcuation is made based on that number and the number of issued menues.
  • The driver i.E. The drivers of the group have a right to free services from the offer, while the consumed drinks are paid for afterwards.
  • Additional activities and drinks are always paid afterwards, based on consumption.
  • All reservations need to be made at least 7 days in advance.